Learning Outcomes

In this course, students will get to explore their creativity with clay! We will start the class with a virtual poll to help us decide on which project we would like to work on that day. We will then go over an introduction to our project and describe some of the key techniques that we will use when sculpting our project that day. Lastly, students will follow me as I lead them step-by-step and demonstrate, with a camera positioned above my workspace, how to build their clay sculptures.

While my directions are detailed, I also provide students with the creative liberty to add their own unique details and color combinations to their artworks. As students work, I make sure to provide feedback, encouragement, and additional instructions as needed. If time allows, at the end of class our young artists will have the opportunity to share their artwork with the class.
Required Student Set-up:

In addition to a Zoom-enabled device, the student will need a polymer clay modeling set such as this one on Amazon. There will also need a table to work with clay, ideally on top of a clean sheet of white paper or ontop of a plastic cutting board.

THIS CLASS MEETS 2x PER WEEK ON SUNDAY & TUESDAY. Calendar invites will be sent upon registration.

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