Chess: Beginner

Course Description

Ready to begin your chess journey? Register today to learn the fundamentals of chess including rule nuances, piece development, and strategical tactics.

Course Objectives

This class has two main objectives:

1. Learn how to play chess

Setting up the board properly, adhering to the rules of the game (i.e. how different pieces move), understanding basic rule nuances such as castling, and the difference between checkmate and stalemate.

2. Understand most fundamental chess principles:

Proper piece development (i.e. minor pieces before major pieces), piece values, controlling the center, undefended pieces, trading when ahead and basic tactical ideas (i.e. pins, skewers, forks).

This class is meant for elementary-aged students as well as slightly older students who have never played chess before but are looking to try out chess for the first time to see if it’s something they would enjoy.

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