Course Description

In this course, we will explore digital painting through interactive sessions using Procreate for iPad and an Apple Pencil. We will be working on stimulating and developing the essential fine motor skills that are associated with drawing and creating artwork.
This class meets 2x per week.

Course Objectives

We will start by gaining an overview of the Procreate software and concepts in digital painting. We will learn about layers, color palettes, opacity, importing images, tracing, overcoming common mistakes, and learning about the three main tool categories: Brushes, Erasers, & Smudges. Students will then learn through different projects ranging from self-portraits to postcards of their favorite places.

Required Student Set-up:

The student should ideally have 2 screens to be able to do this activity. One of the screens would need to be an iPad with Procreate installed + Apple Pencil, and the other would need to be a separate device
(laptop, smartphone, tablet) with Zoom installed so that they can participate in the class and view my directions.

  • Requires Procreate software installed on the iPad ($ 9.99 lifetime license)
  • Requires an Apple Pencil – (1st or 2nd generation)
  • UPDATE: Affordable alternatives to the Apple Pencil Requires an iPad that is compatible with the Apple Pencil.

THIS CLASS MEETS 2x PER WEEK ON SUNDAY & TUESDAY FOR 3 WEEKS. Calendar invites will be sent upon registration.

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