GarageBand for iPad

Course Description

Do you love music? Have you always wished you could create your own beats to listen to? Maybe you want to create an instrumental track that you can sing, rap, or dance to? In this course, we will explore electronic music production through interactive sessions using GarageBand for the iPad. Join David as we embark on a rhythmic and melodic journey through music production.

Course Objectives

  • How do you make a good beat?
  • How do you arrange a beat into a full song?
  • What is a DAW?
  • What are FX, loops, and Inter-App audio?
  • What are samplers, sequencers, virtual instruments, and synthesizers?
  • What are drum machines?
  • Are there other cool iPad apps I can use to make beats with?


Required Student Set-up:

The student will need to have 2 screens to be able to do this activity. One of the screens would need to be an iPad with the latest version of GarageBand for iPad installed, and the other would need to be a separate device with Zoom installed so that they can participate in the class and view my directions.

THIS CLASS MEETS 2x PER WEEK ON WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY FOR 3 WEEKS. Calendar invites will be sent upon registration.

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