Step By Step Drawing

Course Description

To begin, the class will vote on the image we will draw together. We typically draw images of various types of land animals, birds, or sea creatures. I will have preselected 3 of these animal photos to choose from and with a Zoom poll we will choose which one to draw. I will then begin the artwork by sketching the image we have chosen. I will simultaneously be describing my creative process, technique, and rationale for everything I am doing—step by step. Students will be able to view my work from a camera positioned directly above my drawing hand.

Our focus will begin by sketching the image with a pencil and eraser. We will then outline the sketch with a fine-liner black pen. Once we have a proper outline, we will shift our attention to choosing the right colors by determining which colors are represented in the image we are trying to replicate. We can then begin to add vivid colors to our drawing with our selection of alcohol-based markers or colored pencils. Finally, we will be adding realistic details, blending, shading, textures, and other final touches to our drawing. We will also fix any imperfections or mistakes we might have made during the coloring process. Participants are then free to share their drawings with the class at the end of the workshop session.

Required Student Set-up:

In addition to a Zoom-enabled device, the student will also need to have a pencil, pencil sharpener, eraser, sketchpad (preferably a mixed media sketchpad), a black fine-liner marker, and a choice of either colored pencils or alcohol-based markers for coloring.

THIS CLASS MEETS 2x PER WEEK ON MONDAY & THURSDAY. Calendar invites will be sent upon registration.

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