Watercolor Painting

Learning Outcomes

In this course, we will be working on developing the essential skills and creativity that are associated with creating artwork with watercolors.

Class Description

To begin each course, The class will vote on the image we will paint prior to the beginning of class. I will start by sketching the image we will be painting during that session. I will simultaneously be describing my creative process, technique, and rationale for everything I am doing—step by step. Students will be able to view my work from a camera positioned directly above my drawing hand. We will paint images such as: landscapes, flowers, fruits, animals, sea creatures, etc…

  • Our focus will begin by sketching the image with a pencil and eraser.
  • Before we start painting I will cover some important watercolor painting techniques such as creating light, mid, and dark values, demoing colors, blending colors, and brush-stroke techniques.
  • We will then begin to paint, blend, and add vivid colors to our artwork with our 36 color palette of watercolor paint.
  • And most importantly… we will have a lot of fun making beautiful artwork!
Required Student Set-up:

In addition to a Zoom-enabled device, the student will need to have a mixed media sketchpad that can handle watercolors such as this Cason Mix Media Pad, pencil, eraser, a black fine-liner pen, a small cup of water, and a watercolor paint set that comes with at least one brush, such as this one available on Amazon: Misulove 36 color Watercolor Paint Set

THIS CLASS MEETS 2x PER WEEK ON MONDAY & THURSDAY. Calendar invites will be sent upon registration.

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